Can you spot the air conditioning in this Kitchen/dining room?

Small Duct Systems utilise a single slot diffuser to suit high end architectural finishes.

Small Duct Systems

utilise 100mm flexible ducting that can squeeze through the smallest gaps and still provide brilliant performance.

Nest Thermostat

The brilliant wi-fi connected, self learning thermostat that can help you save energy and money.

Multiple Ducts

can be attached onto each single slot linear grille to ensure the correct airflow to each space.

Single Slot linear grilles

create a modern and unobtrusive look when compared to standard grilles – perform equally well in both ceilings or bulkhead walls.

The heart of the Small Duct System

is the 250mm trunk duct – being a solid duct makes it stronger and able to be pressurised to carry more airflow – and therefore more effect.

The Small Duct Fan Coil

can be horizontally or vertically mounted and can be ordered as a slimline 300mm high unit.

what Mercury's Small Duct System offers


Mercury Heating and Cooling have a solution for Melbourne new build homes faced with little to no room for their heating and cooling installation.



Melbourne homes designed with concrete slab foundations and flat roofs often present the most challenging conditions to design heating and cooling systems ...



Small Duct Systems can provide both heating and cooling through small grilles that almost disappear into the ceilings or bulkheads of Melbourne homes.



These units are also known as Small Ducted High Velocity Systems – this gives an hint as to one of the other ways in exactly how smaller ducting can still give fantastic performance.